Fostering Entrepreneurship in Africa

“what gets measured, gets managed” M. Porter

Our organisation is dedicated to research and develop African entrepreneurial ecosystems through a unique technique that combines the network method with deep learning.

Founded in Casablanca, Morocco, established in Paris, France, OSE in Africa it is the only observatory for Pan-African Entrepreneurial Ecosystem value chain.

Qatar, Morocco and Tunisia reports

Reports from 2008 to 2023 will be released fall 2024

Configurational and Structural Analysis of those ecosystems will be released :
– Qatar : 7 reports, from 2012 to 2023
– Morocco and Tunisia : 12 reports from 2008 to 2023 in English and French

why do only


of global investments in start ups ends up in African new ventures ?

Policy makers, academics, and professionals in the field of entrepreneurship possess restricted resources to comprehend the ways in which the entrepreneurial environment influences the formation of new businesses and the rise of licorns, particularly in developing or low-income countries. Global observatories and international agencies supply a variety of data at the macro level that only addresses long-term strategies. However, when it comes to actual and tangible action plans, those players encounter a lack of relevant data and analysis to guide their tactics.

The purpose of OSE if Africa is to monitor and evaluate the organizational value chains of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in areas that most require it : Africa. Our Observatory offers policy makers, academics, and professionals an unparalleled collection of data and analysis via the use of cutting edge methodologies that combine big data, ecological network analysis, prediction tools, and longitudinal data. The most difficult questions about “what makes a territory more conducive to entrepreneurial ecosystem than another” may be answered by our Economic Intelligence services.

We provide more than just an observatory; we also give your entrepreneurial ecosystems and entrepreneurs access to a special set of tools.

Grégory Guéneau, PhD, Founder and CEO


The OSE Observatory provides in-depth analysis and insights into the entrepreneurial ecosystems across Africa, the MENA, and Gulf regions. Utilizing advanced network and value chain analysis, it identifies strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, offering a comprehensive understanding of what drives success and innovation in these ecosystems.


Our Platform connects entrepreneurs with the vibrant African ecosystem, offering access to dedicated services, resources, and a network of support. It facilitates collaboration, knowledge sharing, and growth, empowering entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed in their ventures.


The OSE Accreditation system ensures the highest standards in entrepreneurial education and training. By accrediting schools, degree programs, and short courses, we guarantee that entrepreneurs receive top-quality education, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for sustainable success in the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape.