From Research to Action

Unlock New Insights with OSE Data

OSE provides a rich repository of data on entrepreneurial ecosystems across Africa, the MENA, and Gulf regions, offering unparalleled opportunities for scholars and researchers. Our comprehensive datasets include network analyses, community dynamics, and action impact assessments, enabling you to explore the intricacies of entrepreneurial ecosystems in depth.

Benefits for Scholars

  • Access to Unique Data: Utilize OSE’s extensive datasets to uncover new trends, relationships, and insights that can drive forward academic research in entrepreneurship.
  • Support for Innovative Research: Our data supports a wide range of research methodologies, from network analysis to longitudinal studies, providing a solid foundation for cutting-edge research.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Join a community of scholars and researchers dedicated to advancing the understanding of entrepreneurial ecosystems, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Contact Us to Request Access

To request access to OSE data for your research, please contact us at research@ose.africa. Our team will provide you with the necessary information and support to access and utilize our datasets effectively.

Publications & Conferences

OSE is committed to advancing the field of entrepreneurial research through the dissemination of high-quality publications and the organization of impactful conferences.


We regularly publish papers and scientific communications based on our data and research findings. These publications provide valuable insights into the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems and are a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners alike.


OSE organizes and participates in various conferences dedicated to entrepreneurial research. These events bring together leading academics, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the latest findings and trends in the field. Stay tuned for our upcoming conferences and access a list of our past publications and scientific communications on our website.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research School

OSE is actively involved in the “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research School.” This initiative brings together scholars and researchers to advance the study of entrepreneurial ecosystems through collaborative research and knowledge exchange.

Past Conferences

  • Utrecht Conference: Focused on the foundational theories and methodologies in entrepreneurial ecosystem research.
  • Casablanca Conference: Explored the practical applications and impact of entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging markets.
  • Paris Conference: Highlighted the role of innovation and technology in shaping entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • Stuttgart Conference: Examined the interplay between policy, education, and entrepreneurship in fostering vibrant ecosystems.

Next conference : to be announced soon